Asar-Suti, the Seker (asar_suti) wrote in thebooooathouse,
Asar-Suti, the Seker

Asar-Suti pokes around the boathouse, waiting for Todd to return so they can continue their lessons.

It is an interesting place for evil, this. You'd never think. You'd think it was just a boathouse, nothing to see, move along.

In the High Fantasy type world Asar-Suti comes from, evil is always much more conspicuous. Distinguishable by violet flames, for example. Asar-Suti likes how evil is handled here.
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Evil? I don't see no evil. Looks like just a boathouse to me.

Todd opens the door with a big, bright, beaming smile.

It says Honey, I'm home.

You really don't want to know what he's done on that couch.
"Hello, Todd!" Asar-Suti says brightly.

I he knew what Todd has done on the couch, and he doesn't, he'd probably rather approve. Especially if it was something that Asar-Suti might use for his own purposes later on. When the time comes. This place is perfect. People will never hear anything here...

"How are your fire runes, then", he continues, conversationally.
"Good," Todd agrees cheerfully. "Been practicing. Wanna see?"
"Yes, of course, but please don't set anything alight in here, unless it's controlled, kindling in a brazier or so."

Coming from a High Fantasy type of world, Asar-Suti has of course never heard about matches.
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[[OOC: Heh! Todd visualises the purple spark on tip of his finger, it comes, he draws a squiggly symbol which fill up purple, will the gog pop, and leave a small puff of fire/drop of water.]]
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Todd gets a very serious look on his face as he performs the rune. Really, he's quite good at it already. The tiny spark of fire is in the air, so it's not in danger of setting anything alight.

The fire flickers in his eyes, and he smiles at Asar-Suti. A hungry, expectant smile.
"You need a slightly stronger magic to make a proper puff of fire - and you need to master that first before we can move on to wind, cold, and the the first combinations. Hmmm..."

Asar-Suti looks at Todd, considering, a bit undecided.
Todd stares back, brushing hair out of his eyes. He folds his arms, chin raised and eyes cool and confident.

"You teach, I'll learn." His grin bursts out. "That's how it works."
"It does - but my people have my help beyond the first stages. I give them of my energy to strengthen their own magic. Would you accept that?"

He looks at Todd, fiery sparks flashing a bit more to remind the boy of who it is here in the boathouse with him.
Todd runs a finger across his lips. He smiles, a thin smile this time. "What are the consequences, Asarsuedy? Are there any, or is it a free ride?"

Yeah right. Like anything ever is.
This boy is cleverer than any of the others the Dark God had dealings with so far. He asks beforehand. Right. Honesty time.

"At first - none! Some people have done it here already, and even some of my mortal enemies at home have done it without any harm. But after several times, their will would become linked to mine; they would be my followers forever. At least they used to at home; here, it seems they can rebel against me while I remain as bound as I was", he adds, thinking of Lochiel who could still call on the god and yet refuse his end of the bargain.
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[[OOC: Both, sorta. Let the thread grow over a few days; we only need to refrence it anyway when Todd does his first magic with anybody else. We can play it slowly and lovingly. I need to wrap, too, actually, need to borrow a digital camera and get myself to work.]]