Timothy Hunter (timsbooks) wrote in thebooooathouse,
Timothy Hunter

*Tim wakes up laying on the beach by the lake, wrapped in a bubble of fluff. He created it last night to keep him safe and warm through the night. Some friends. He missed being with his Leahs. They were usally enough to keep him warm. A smile crosses his face as he cleans up the remnants of the spell, taking a moment to run a washing gust across himself, cleaning him nicely, and pressing his clothes with out him ahving to take them off. A useful trick when the Captain can't be there for him.*

Ahh... such sweet air. No other universe has anything quite like it.

*He runs a hand through his hair, then absently scratches at his facial hair. It was weird, growing up hopping between worlds, but he's older now and he has to deal with it. Just like he enjoys dealing with the new clothes, Leather and black cotton, all good stuff. He turns to look along the beach, and stops, staring.*

What, is that? I don't remember THAT being there before.

*A tremble crosses hsi face. Is this possibly not the real Milliways? He has absolutely no recollection of a boathouse. He must investigate, make sure he's in the right place. Tim stalks down the beach, a snarl on his face as he pushes inside the new building, gzing around at its interior.*

What is this place?
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