huge_threat (huge_threat) wrote in thebooooathouse,

There's a werewolf in the booooathouse and he's in quite a bad mood. So far, he had thought this was a good place to be. He has found the booooathouse, that gives him shelter and a place to go. There are a lot of woods, a lot of game and few people. He hasn't encountered anyone so far, and that's certainly a good thing. And hunting game, hunting big animals mainly, that give resistance, that are a match to him- that's a sport he had never enjoyed before and he likes it. But he has pushed it to far a few nights ago. He had been hunting a wild boar and the animal gave him the hell of a fight. He has been hurt quite badly, the wound in his side is still bleeding and there hasn't been any moonshine to heal it so far. And, what's worse: the boar escaped. It got away with it! That's something that really wears him down. So he's curled up in one of the boats, licking his wounds (only metaphorically, as he's human-shaped) and thinking bitter thoughts of revenge.
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